The Wheat Experiment – Season 2 (part 1) – Wheat Garden Expansion

The second year of the wheat experiment is in full swing.  After the success of last season, I wanted to increase the size of the garden for this season.  Last year’s experimental wheat garden was 1’4″ x 6’8″ or roughly  8.9 sq. ft.  This year the garden is 5′ x 16′ or 80 sq. ft.  The garden from last season is still part of the new garden.  But the new garden has been extended 4 feet north into the backyard and 10 feet west towards the house.  To make this happen, I pulled down a portion of the old cinder block fence dividing the driveway from the backyard.

The following images document the changes.  The pictures were taken between December 1, 2012 and December 23, 2012.  Additional work occurring around the same time that is not necessarily highlighted in the photos: removal of a row of red tips behind the cinder block fence, installation of a gated entry to the driveway, replacement of the old backyard fence, and updating of  the sprinkler system.

The wheat seeds for season 2 were planted in January 2013.  They should have been planted in November 2012!  However, in the images one can see wheat growing in the area of the garden from last year.  I assume this particular wheat is from seeds that reseeded themselves from last year’s crop.

The view from the backyard.

Eyeballing the garden size. This trial is only 12'8" in length.







This is the full length (16 feet) garden. A portion of the cinder block wall is removed.

The wall is coming down!

Pushing the garden into the backyard.






Almost there!




Good bye, cinder blocks!



Down to the last row of cinder blocks ...








The full size (16' x 5') garden.


Filling the garden with organic soil.

The Season 2 Wheat Garden!!! Complete with organic soil and 12" pop-up sprinkler heads.

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